Let Annapolis Home Automation help you install a customized home entertainment and automation system that will enhance your life!


Home Theater/ Media Room

Home Theater System with projector, screen and in wall speakers.

What's the difference? A home theater is a dedicated room that has been calibrated acoustically and visually to give you the ultimate performance. From proper placement of theater seating and A/V equipment to proper light control, AHA takes into consideration all of the elements necessary to give you the best experience.  

A media room is a multi-purpose space that serves a variety of needs but it doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice on high quality video and audio.  Let us help you create a space that has a clean, aesthetic look while still giving you a great sound and picture.  

Whether your vision is a  home theater room or a media room, there is something out there for everyone.

 Home Automation       

Savant remote

Home automation is much more than just having one remote control--although that alone is something to cheer about!   True home automation means controlling your whole environment with the press of one button or utilizing voice controlled features or having timed events occur without you even thinking about it.  Better yet, you can control your home even when you aren't there.

AHA works with a variety of control systems that will allow you to control A/V equipment, lights, shades, locks, and thermostats to make your life easier.

Lighting & Shade Control            

Lutron Lighting System

 Controlling the light level in your home has many advantages.  With one button press, your whole house can turn on or off or to preset levels, giving you convenience and instant ambiance.  More importantly, with Lutron lighting systems, you get a quality product that saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint.

Shades can greatly enhance the ambiance in your home as well as help you achieve more energy savings.  Better still, shades can be incorporated into your automation system so that you can create timed events or easily control them from your remote system--great for those hard to reach shades.